SU1500 - U-lift table, 1600x1200mm, 1500kg

Static electro-hydraulic U-shaped lift table are specially made for pallet handling together with normal hand pallet truck. Installation do not need ramp or pit. Lowered height is only 85 mm. Built with solid steel plates for highest strength and reliability. Separate hydraulic power pack (IP54) which is positioned next to the lift table. Cable for 3-phase connection 380V/16 Ah. Confirms to EN1570-1 and ANSI/ASME-norms. Inner length of fork 1080 mm.

  • 3-Phase (380/16Amp)
  • Type U-shaped
  • Capacity (kg) 1500
  • Stroke length 755  mm
  • Table area (LxW) 1600x1200  mm
  • Base frame size (LxW) 1430x1136 mm
  • Width between forks 590/305 mm
  • Weight (kg) 380
  • Lifting time to max height 20 s
  • Lift motor (kW) 380V / 50HZ 1,5kW
  • Lifting height 105-860 mm
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